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  • Fred Kreitchet  Sculptor/Designer/Fabricator
  • Phone/FAX: (215) 643-7447  *Preferred Method of Contact


       The Sculpture Workshop, Fred's studio and bronze foundry, was opened in 1975 in Perkiomenville and moved to Blue Bell in 1983, where he continues to serve artists, architects, and businesses including zoos, museums, and educational institutions. At the Workshop, he designs and makes three-dimensional objects for clients out of clay, fiberglass reinforced plastics, bronze, metal and wood.

     TREEHOUSE at the Philadelphia Zoo, Fred's biggest commission for architects Venturi, Rauch & Scott Brown, won the Gold Medal Award from the Architectural Institute of America. Other works can be seen at the London National Gallery, the White House, the Baltimore Zoo, Penn State, Independence National Historical Park, the Academy of Natural Science, the Franklin Institute, University of Pennsylvania, Fairmount Park Association, Elmwood Park Zoo, Camden Children's Garden, and other institutions.

     In addition to three-dimensional sculptures, Fred also designs and sculpts fine, bas-relief ornaments and medallions for Christmas and other special commemorations under the name Sculpture Workshop Designs which began in 1985. His medallions have been shown in traveling exhibits from Boston to Los Angeles, and are in over 600 private collections including Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, as well as foreign dignitaries Madam Sadat, Menachem Begin, Gorbachev and His Holiness Pope John Paul II. Silver Magazine recently featured Sculpture Workshop Designs in "Profiles of Modern Day Silversmiths" and displayed Fred's medallions on its November/December 2002 cover.


     Sculptor Fred Kreitchet was born in Yugoslavia and educated in Germany until 1956 when he immigrated to the United States with his family. After completing high school and his Air Force enlistment, he took a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Hartford and then came to Pennsylvania for his Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture at the University of Pennsylvania.

     Kreitchet has taught as adjunct art professor at Montgomery County Community College for over 20 years, teaching three-dimensional design, sculpture, mold-making, fabrication, and drawing. His students' projects have been displayed in College Hall and the Art Center, and he regularly conducts art contests where art students jury other art students' projects to increase their understanding of their artistic perspective.


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